Frequently Asked Questions (Regarding eBaalNidan or e-filing of complaints) हिंदी में
Q.1. What is eBaalNidan?
Ans. eBaalNidan is an online portal of Complaint Management System of NCPCR.
Q.2 What is the benefit of eBaalNidan?
Ans. Through eBaalNidan , any individual or organisation can file complaint relating to violation of child rights through internet facility. Complainant can view status of his or her complaint. It does not require the complainant to come to the office of NCPCR for just filing a complaint.
Q.3. Who can file complaint through eBaalNidan?
Ans. Any person whether individual or organisation can file complaint to the NCPCR through eBaalNidan.
Q.4. What are the procedures/ steps required to be taken for filing of complaint through eBaalNidan?
Ans. The steps required for filing of complaint through eBaalNidan are: User Manual
  • Step - I Before you file a complainant through eBaalNidan, you need to have a valid email id and a mobile number.
  • Step - II You need to first register yourself by providing required information such as your name, address etc. with the portal.
  • Step - III After successful registration, a user id and password will be provided to you for Login purpose.
  • Step - IV After login, you can file your complaint by filing required information in the space provided for the purpose. You can also upload relevant documents pertaining to your complaint in PDF format.
Q.5. Do I require to pay any fee for filing complaint through eBaalNidan?
Ans. No. Filing of complaint through eBaalNidan is absolutely free and you are not required to pay any fee.
Q. 6. Can I upload any document relating to complaint through eBaalNidan ? Is there any size limitation of data which can be uploaded?
Ans. Yes. You can upload data in PDF format relating to you compliant without any limitation of size of data.
Q. 7. After registration of Compliant, what will happen?
Ans. After successfully registration of your complainant through eBaalNidan, NCPCR will process your complaint and take action in accordance with laws, rules and procedures.
Q.8. Can I view status of my complaint filed through eBaalNidan ?
Ans. Yes. You can view status of your complaint any time by logging to the eBaalNidan.
Q.9. What happen, if I am not satisfied by final disposal of my complaint by NCPCR?
Ans. If you are not satisfied with action taken by NCPCR, you can reply with your comments to the NCPCR within 60 days of communication of final disposal of your complaint by the NCPCR.
Q.10. Whom to contact, if I face any difficulty in using the facility of e-Bal Nidan?
Ans. You can contact the office of NCPCR by Phone or Email or Fax or visit in person. You can find contact details of NCPCR at its website: www.ncpcr.gov.in or the home page of the website of eBaalNidan.